Root Canals Lexington, KY

Saving Damaged Teeth With Root Canals

Broadway Family & Cosmetic Dentistry can help save your damaged teeth with our root canal treatments. If the inner nerve of your tooth suffers from decay or infection, your tooth may become very sensitive to pressure and temperature, causing extreme pain. A root canal can remedy this while saving the tooth.   Extractions can cause extra problems for your teeth, including shifting of existing teeth. Root canal therapy is a more desirable treatment as it will restore full functionality to the tooth and mouth while not causing any future problems regarding the adjacent teeth. Reasons Why a Root Canal Is Recommended

  • Decay has reached the tooth pulp (the living tissue inside the tooth)
  • Infection or abscesses have developed inside the tooth or at the root tip
  • Trauma or injury to the tooth

The Root Canal Procedure

Root canals often require more than one visit. The dentist or orthodontist will remove the tooth pulp, nerve tissue, bacteria, and tooth decay using special instruments. Once the tooth is cleaned, it is sealed by either a permanent filling or temporary filling, depending on your specific need.   For the next appointment (usually a week later), the roots and inner cavity of the tooth will be filled and sealed with medicated dental materials. The tooth will be sealed with a filling and then a crown or cap will be placed on top to protect the tooth, prevent further breakage, and restore full functionality.   It is normal to experience some pain or discomfort for a short time after the procedure. All pain will subside as the tooth and gums heal. The dentist will provide you instructions regarding maintaining health and functionality to your tooth as well as recommendations on how to care for the tooth while it heals.

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